Omar Bowens, Founder & Director

Youth Potential Academy was conceived in 1997 when a then 15 year old Omar was in juvenile detention. A mentor instructed Omar to, “…live to your full potential and fulfill your purpose in life.''
Notwithstanding the vicissitudes of life he has faced and overcome, Mr. Bowens spends his waking time fulfilling that childhood directive.

His sincerity, love, diligence, and sacrifices reflects his desire to help youth live to their full potential. He is currently a new hire for the New York City, Administration for Child Services.

His educational background is in Secondary Education and has over 17 years experience working with youth in different settings. In his limited spare time, he enjoys playing pool, reading, and trying different foods.



Latoya Bey, Vice President

Ms. Latoya Bey is committed to helping youth identify their natural talents, build confidence, express themselves, and succeed in life. She is a serial entrepreneur, journalist, and owner of LB Prism. (

Her educational background is in Liberal Arts. In her limited time, she enjoys reading, drawing, traveling, and listening to Jazz music.



reginald Griffin, Finance Director

Mr. Reginald Griffin’s expertise in accounting and financial management is tremendous. His resume includes the handling of millions in assets, thousands of employees, company mergers, acquisitions, and disolutions.

His educational background is in Accounting and Finance. He is currently an Accounts Director at Saint Mary’s Hospital in Passaic, New Jersey and current owner of Griffin, Inc.

In his spare time, he enjoys reading, visiting friends and family, and binge watching his favorite television shows.



dwayne walker, finance manager

Mr. Walker is unmatched in his attention to detail and thoroughness. These qualities go beyond his supervision and management of organizational funds.

Mr. Walker maintains the same level of thoroughness when counseling and being a mentor to youth and young adults in need. His contributions towards programming reflects his dedication for growth and inclusiveness.

His educational background is in Communications and Business Management. In addition to his role at Youth Potential Academy, Mr. Walker holds Supervisory positions within The Geo Group in Newark, New Jersey.

In his limited spare time, he enjoys bowling, spending time with family, gospel music, and cooking.



Ultranese Mckinney-whitaker, consulting board member

Ultranese’s genuine desire to empower children is evident in her dedicated years as a Youth Family Worker through the Department of Youth and Family Services. Mrs. Whitaker is known for her community outreach and empowerment workshops. She has an emphasis on empowering our young girls and preparing them for leadership.

She is the founder of G.I.R.L.S, Inc. located in Passaic, New Jersey. Her educational background is in Early Childhood Development and Occupational Therapy.

In her limited spare time, she enjoys going to the gym, laughing with family and friends, and cooking.



Arthur king, Associate Director of Mentoring Services

Mr. King has been a supporter of Youth Potential Academy through monetary donation, in-kind donations and administrative support.

Beyond this, he currently serves as the Associate Director of Mentoring Services. He brings with him a background in Distribution and Sales, Motivational Speaking, and Youth Advocacy.

His acquired wisdom and experience is instrumental in our Summer Programming.

In his limited spare time, he enjoys listening to “old-school” music, and laughing with family and friends.