Our Programs

Youth Potential Academy takes a inclusionary and holistic approach towards each youth we serve. Our curriculum is tailored to the individual. We meet the students where they are while taking into consideration, from the beginning, the total person.

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Each student we serve at Youth Potential Academy is assessed and matched with professional and qualified instructors who are passionate about guiding the student towards greater academic and personal growth.

Employment & Entrepreneur Training Program (EET)

A comprehensive six week course geared towards preparing disconnected youth for entry into the workforce. The program provides weekly stipends, community engagement opportunity, and employment placement at completion.

COMMUNITY / Family Engagement

We understand at Youth Potential Academy that family and communal support is vital and an absolute prerequisite in creating an environment where our student’s potential can be nurtured. Therefore, we engage the community, parents, guardians, and families in comprehensive services, education, and involvement.




Dedicated Mentors cater to the communal,  emotive, and social needs of the youth we serve The Mentors provide support and encouragement which is reflected in increased school performance, confidence, and a decrease in risky and delinquent behavior.

Academic enrichment / C.E.L.A.

Youth Potential Academy recognizes  the impact of experience in the learning process. For this reason, we provide weekly and bi-weekly C.E.L.A. (Curiosity, Exploratory, Learning Activities) enrichment “field trips” that merges new experiences with academic and social learning objectives.