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Let Your Potential Shine!

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Training Workshops

Women in Wang Laboratories Assembly Plant, Pawtucket Blvd., Lowell, Massachusetts by Tom Rankin, 1988, American Folklife Center, Library of Congress.

European Solidarity Corps

Erasmus Plus

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About JYL

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Jordan Youth Potential (JYP) is a Jordanian non-profit, non-governmental organization established in 2023 as the result of the need of youngsters to participate actively in society. committed to unlocking the boundless potential of young minds. Focusing on women and youth with fewer opportunities through innovative programs and tailored resources, we work on creating transformative opportunities that inspire, educate, and propel today's youth toward a future of excellence. Our unwavering mission is to cultivate leadership, foster creativity, and instill a strong sense of purpose, ensuring that everyone is equipped with the skills and confidence to navigate a dynamic world.

Our target groups are young leaders ages 15-35, males and females, from all the governorates of Jordan as well as internationally and we ensure the support of youngsters from fewer opportunities to get to their full potential.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to increase the quality participation for the youth and their inclusion in the society by taking action locally and internationally; and to focus on youth potentials as a base for their development; and to promote our visions of equality, non-violent communication, social inclusion and collaboration.

Arab Teenagers Group Using Smart Phones for Social Media Networking and Sharing of Informations for Online Education

Incubating change

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Stay tuned for all updates about our exciting projects!

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Let's collaborate!

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+962 79 060 3991

P.O Box 90363, 11191

Amman - Jordan

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JYP is an inclusive organization.

We welcome people of all colors, genders, and beliefs.

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